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Turadh Tours provides a range of private guided walking tours covering both Edinurgh and Glasgow, so there is something for everyone. This isn't a history lesson, it's a chance to explore and experience Scotland through the eyes and heart of a local.

When you take a Turadh tour, you’re not only benefiting from a highly trained guide with years of experience showing tourists and locals around. Your guide grew up right here in Scotland and they know way more than the names and dates of important events. They know the people of Scotland's secret history, the characters and anecdotes that the history book forgot and they can not wait to show you their home. 

Please note that all of our tours are private, meaning you will have your guide to yourself. These are suitable for groups of up to 6 people. Please contact us directly for larger group bookings.

If your chosen date is showing as no availability, please email us as we can usually fit extra tours in! 



Gallus is a quintessentially Glaswegian word. It means cheeky, bold and carries a nuance of charm. We think this is a word that sums up this city well, and sums up our tour even better.

Our guided walking tour starts outside Glasgow Cathedral, sacred ground on which this city was founded in the 6th century. You’ll hear the tale of how Glasgow came to exist and explore the mythology behind those early days. We’ll make our way down Glasgow’s High Street, the first major street of the city, to George Square- the traditional hub of life in Glasgow. You’ll hear about some of the characters that walked these streets and learn about their deeds. We’ll see iconic Glasgow sites, like the man with the cone on his head, and learn the secret history behind these stalwarts. Making our way through Merchant City, we’ll see why Glasgow is now globally renowned for its art and culture. You’ll see how, for better or worse, Glasgow boomed through the tobacco trade of the 1700’s and how those links with America shaped not one, but two nations. We’ll track the unending political unrest with our neighbours to the south, and see how it has shaped Glasgow’s sensibilities. You’ll experience that famed Glaswegian wit as we track the history of the city. Glaswegians are hard, strong, cheeky and charming. Gallus. We’ve rose up through hardship and deprivation, fought valiantly for what we believe and we’re excited to share our story with you on our Gallus Glasgow tour.



This tour was created to give something different, to celebrate the stories history books have tried to ignore and to embrace the true essence of what makes Glasgow special. This tour will take you beyond the guide book, taking you off the beaten path to discover a whole new side of the city.

This guided street art walking tour will take you on a meander through the city to see the incredible hyperrealistic murals adorning the sides of perviously drab, unremarkable and often vacant buildings. They've been afforded a new lease of life, drawing in visitors from all over the world and allowing an opportunity to engage and interact with Glasgow as never before. 

Throughout this unique Glasgow walking tour, you'll hear about the different styles of art and the artists that have created them. We'll learn about Glasgow's history, how it has informed these pieces and why it makes this city special. Our guides not only know the best pieces, but they'll show you where and how to get that perfect shot and show you another side to Glasgow, one that is undeniably modern and impressive. 



For better or for worse, Glasgow is home to one of the fiercest and most bitter football rivalries in the world. But where did this rivalry come from? How does it affect every day life here? How do the people of Glasgow really feel about the whole thing?

On this tour, you'll take a guided walk around the city centre- focusing mainly on the East End, to learn all about Glasgow's famous Old Firm. Hear about the origins of football in Glasgow, the religious divides between the two main teams and see the scars they've left on communities. Hear about how we're overcoming sectarianism and the hope we have for the future. 

This is a great tour to really see below the surface of Glasgow. This isn't a tour about names and dates and famous sites, it's a tour about the people of Glasgow and one of the things they carry closest to their heart. Its about a game- just a game. But that game has divided  communities, helped with the settlement of our biggest ever wave of immigrants, it defines our sense of self, gives us that feeling of belonging, has provided something to fight for and given Glaswegians something to believe in when times were difficult. It has strengthened our economy, built and ripped apart communities and despite being just a game, blood has been shed and lives have been lost. It's just a game. It's just our way of life. 

(Please note that this tour doesn't visit the football grounds, as they are not situated within walking distance.)

Modern Bridge


When it comes to private walking tours of Glasgow, your options are limitless with Turadh Tours. 
We can cater to groups of any size and can tailor your tour experience to meet your specific needs. You can take any of pre-written tours, or have one created especially for the interests of your group.  
If there’s an era of history you’re particularly interested in, an aspect  of Glasgow’s story, or a particular area of the city you’d like to visit, we can create a fully custom walking tour that meets your needs. We can offer hotel pick up and will go the extra mile to make your time with us special. Send us a message and we’ll get to work creating your perfect Glasgow walking tour. 



We want you to have the best time in Glasgow. We want to show you our city, leave no stone unturned and tell you the stories that make this city great. Sometimes, you'll want a little more time, you'll want a few more options and you'll want to cover some ground. 

On our half day tour, we'll meet at the Cathedral, wander through Glasgow's incredible city centre and hear the stories of the people and events that shaped this incredible city. We'll finish our tour at one of Glasgow's best loved museums, where you'll get an even more in-depth glimpse into Glasgow life through the ages. 

On a full day excursion, our tour will wend its way to Glasgow's inspiring West End. We will wander through this famously beautiful area of the city, stopping to hear tales of the people and events that have made this district such a treasure.



For hundreds of years, people have been drawn to Edinburgh. The rich history and dark beauty of the city has pulled travellers to the city for generations. And for generations, the people of Edinburgh have opened their minds and their hearts and shared the stories that make them unique. Now it's our turn.

 Dubbed the "Athens of the North", it is difficult to imagine any other city with so much to offer tourists. The breathtaking feeling of walking through and actively experiencing history will follow you throughout your tour. Starting at the ultra modern Scottish Parliament, you'll wend your way up the famous Royal Mile, finishing at the magnificent Castle. You'll be under the care of a local- someone who knows Edinburgh and her history, lives its present and will influence its future. 

From grand stories of castles and cathedrals, to secret anecdotes about single doorways or family secrets set in one of Edinburgh's tiny closes- our tour is how you get to know a city.

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