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So you’re looking for things to do in Glasgow or Edinburgh? Well, look no further because Turadh Tours has it covered. We provide a series of guided walking tours, showing you Scotland's Central Belt in a whole new light.

The fact you’re looking at private guided walking tours of Glasgow or Edinburgh says a lot about you. It says you’re looking to get off the beaten track in Scotland, experience something unique and really get to know the secret side of this brilliant wee country. It says you want the real stories of Glasgow and Edinburgh, the grit and glamour of our cities and to see first hand why Scotland's citizens are so proud to be from here. 

Come with us to see Glasgow’s hidden history. Our tours are family friendly, fun and informative. Our guides are Glaswegian by birth, but also by choice and have the wit and humour you need to live up in a city where it rains 300 days a year. Allow them to show you their home, tell you their story and see Glasgow in a whole new light.

When it comes to Edinburgh, we leave no stone unturned. You'll hear Scotland's glittering royal history- stories of kings, courts, bishops and battles. We've worked hard and done mountains of research to ensure the stories we tell you are free from the propaganda they've been wrapped in for the last few hundred years. We'll also tell the stories we're passionate about- the ordinary people like you and I, who lived, worked and fought to survive in Scotland's dark capital city. 

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The front of Queen Street station and a building covered in a pink frontage with the words "People M


The tourist slogan of our city used to be GlasgowSMILES better. 

Glasgow does think it's a bit better than other places. For good reason. And because we're that kind of folk.

Growing up in Glasgow, I was always struck by Edinburgh’s PR. A beautiful historic city full of royalty and regality, bursting with tourism and teeming with things to see. Buildings, battles and boozers older than I’m able to imagine. It’s easy to see why people would visit Edinburgh, its cobbled streets are picturesque and pretty. 

Glasgow has all of that, but I’ve always felt it has something extra. Glasgow has a grit and life force that’s hard to explain and can only be experienced. The people of Glasgow have a special pride in this city, scarred and marred though it is. In fact, Glaswegians love Glasgow because it IS scarred and marred. We are proud of what we’ve been through, what we’ve done and how we’ve pulled through. This city has come through war, unrelenting poverty, destruction and deprivation to become a modern city, bustling with life and vibrancy. We are an international hub for art, music, comedy and a global leader in boozing and banter. 

Our current slogan is People Make Glasgow. Because we do. We have history and beauty, old buildings and big stories. But it’s the people that make this city what it is. Come visit us, meet us and hear our story. 

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Edinburgh Castle on Castle Rock, with a black lampost in front of the Castle


There really is nowhere else on earth quite like Edinburgh. The city has changed the world time and time again. Winston Churchill wisely said that with the exception of the Ancient Greeks, no other small nation has given so much to society. 

There is a lot to see in Edinburgh. Scotland's capital has a million stories and the number of stops on your tour is limitless. We're experienced in touring Edinburgh, so we can create the perfect itinerary for your trip, ensuring you don't miss out on seeing anything. From the sweeping vistas of Edinburgh Castle, to the winding closes drawing you into a darker side of the city's past, Edinburgh has something that will appeal to everyone. We've conducted in-depth research to bring you a version of Edinburgh that is honest, impartial and based on historical accuracy. We've stripped away the propaganda of the last hundred years to figure out what actually happened, who was important and how they felt. 

We pride ourselves on our stories and to us, telling the stories of the ordinary people who have woven themselves into the historical tapestry of Scotland are just as important as the Kings and Queens who rocked the world. Come see Edinburgh with us, go beyond the bagpipes and discover a whole new layer to Scotland's capital city.

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